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The science behind body odour

Body odour (A.K.A. B.O.) is that stinky, unpleasant smell our bodies give off. You probably link body odour with sweat. But sweat actually doesn’t smell on its own.

Body odour usually becomes more noticeable during puberty when those pesky Apocrine glands secrete proteins and lipids. These mix with the bacteria on skin and produce that distinct B.O. smell.

BO is a sure sign your child is growing up and experiencing it during puberty is completely normal - it’s something every young person goes through. Saying that, most teens are mortified when they start to smell - so it’s important to teach them to wash themselves regularly, to remove the odour causing bacteria. It’s probably a good idea for them to also start using a deodorant, which will also help to reduce body odour.

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