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How do I talk to my Teen/Pre-teen about Personal Hygiene?

As a parent, it's your job to help your kids and explain the basics of teen hygiene. You may find it difficult and awkward discussing the topic of personal hygiene with your teen or pre-teen but it’s better they hear it from you than a friend or teacher.

See some suggestions below that might help you talk about personal care with your teen/ pre-teen:

Set an example

As a parent, it is important that you are a good role model for your teen. Washing your hands, wearing deodorant, changing your clothes when they are dirty, and looking after your fingernails and toenails are all tasks that you can do so your teen will copy you. Taking showers and/or bathing once or twice a day will also demonstrate the importance of good personal hygiene for them.

Be tactful

Nothing will shut a teen down faster than criticism or judgments. When speaking to your teen, keep a friendly, even tone of voice. Don’t criticize or make fun of your child. Never have a personal conversation with your teen in front of siblings or friends. Embarrassing them into following your hints and suggestions will not have a lasting effect.

Purchase products just for them

One of the most effective methods of teaching good hygiene to teens and pre-teens is to keep supplies on hand that you know that they will enjoy using. Find products that are designed just for teens vs giving them what you use - deodorants, bodywashes, bubble bath, shampoo etc. If your budget allows it, stock an array of it in the teen’s bathroom where he or she will have easy access to it. Help them understand exactly how to use the items so the end result can be productive and satisfying.

Appeal to their vanity

When discussing cleanliness and personal hygiene for teens/pre-teens, be sure to reassure them that they are beautiful inside and out, and express how proud you are of them.

Don’t make comparisons

Don’t point out a sibling, cousin, or even a friend who has strong personal habits and hygiene. You will only drive a wall up between you and your teen and possibly even your teen and the individual being discussed. Comparing your youngster to others is not a good move because it will not motivate them to improve themselves. It will only make them resentful and even more distant and uncommunicative.

Give them lots of praise and compliments

Whenever your teen smells or looks particularly good, be sure to take the time to notice and compliment them.

“What are you wearing? It smells so good!” My favourite is going in for a cuddle and smelling them and letting them know they smell great.

Often it is more effective to highlight the positives than to point out the negatives.

Teaching a teen or ideally a pre-teen about healthy hygiene habits early, will give them the basics they need for the rest of their lives.


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